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Improved kevin. dashboard for easy self-onboarding

Becoming a kevin. client has never been easier. We launched an improved client self-onboarding dashboard that allows companies to start testing and using kevin. payment initiation service quickly. Self-onboarding is entirely online, meaning users can save time and human resources by onboarding whenever convenient for them.

The dashboard allows users not only to begin onboarding to become a kevin. client but also set up shops and test the payment environment while the onboarding is in progress.

Companies can also track and filter all the transactions in the payment dashboard. The payment overview helps businesses stay on top of their client transactions and provides essential payment data.

This quick start guide will explain how to start onboarding with kevin.’s self-service dashboard, list its advantages and suggest what information company representatives will need for the onboarding process.

Getting started

Self-onboarding dashboard account

To start using kevin. dashboard, create a free account with your email address. Once your email address is verified, you’ll gain access to the dashboard.

When creating an account, you need to select your role in the company - head of legal entity or a representative. Choosing the former will require confirming user identity. A representative can fill out all the onboarding information on behalf of the head of the legal entity, but all the agreements will have to be signed by the head.

When you access the dashboard for the first time, you have two options:

  1. Begin the onboarding by entering your company details and creating a company profile.
  2. Test the payment flow by creating a shop in a sandbox environment. You can start testing before you begin your onboarding process or while you're waiting for compliance review.

Once you’re onboarded, you’ll see a third option on the dashboard homepage: Payments.

First, let’s walk you through creating a company profile.

Creating a company profile

Entering details to the dashboard

To start the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, first enter your company details. Each question has an explanation for guidance, which you can see by hovering over the information icon next to the question.

In this section, you’ll be asked to select the main details about your company, such as the country of tax residence, which kevin. services you’re interested in and who owns the company.

Following up, you’ll be requested to enter information about your company such as company name, type and code. Continue to type in the company address. Moving on, you’ll be asked to fill out the questions about the head of the company and upload additional information.

While filling out the questionnaire, you can track your progress on the progress bar next to the form. Before submitting the company information, you can review and edit the data.

The review usually takes from 1-4 hours. Once the review is complete, you’ll be notified by email and on the dashboard homepage. To proceed, the owner of the company will be asked to sign the agreement.

Once the agreement is signed, you have successfully onboarded.

Creating a shop for testing

You can create a shop and start testing the payments before you start the KYC process or while waiting for the KYC compliance to be reviewed.

To create your first shop, select ‘Add shop’ on the dashboard homepage.

Creating a first shop

You’ll be asked to enter your website URL. Then, you’ll need to fill out the business bank account details and upload proof of bank account ownership.

Moving on, you’ll be requested to enter additional details, such as customer support email, privacy policy URL, return policy web address, etc. Most of these fields are optional.

Before submitting the shop information, you can review and edit the details to make sure the information is accurate.

While the shop is undergoing the compliance assessment, you can access API documentation and learn more about the integration process. Once the shop’s review is successful, you’ll be provided with API keys and be able to go live. Meanwhile, you can generate test API keys and use them in the sandbox environment.

kevin.’s self-onboarding benefits

Quick and easy self-onboarding provides many benefits for kevin. clients:

  • Testing - users are able to test the services without going through the KYC process or while the submitted documents are in review.
  • Convenience - company representatives can submit their information entirely remotely and whenever available. They can also save their progress and come back to the forms later if needed.
  • Progress tracking - clients will always know the status of their submissions and will be informed whenever the submission status changes.
  • Speed - in most cases, self-onboarding may be finished as quickly as all the documents are submitted and approved.
  • Security - self-onboarding is completely safe. Clients need to use two-factor authentication to log in to the dashboard site to ensure maximum security.

Payment dashboard

Once onboarded, kevin. clients gain access to kevin. payment dashboard. The dashboard allows companies to ​​conveniently overview all the payments. It also enables searching for specific transactions based on the order ID or filtering payments by their status and other parameters. All the information can be extracted as a .csv file.

Payments window on the dashboard

The dashboard displays payment status (started, pending, completed, failed), payment amount, website URL, payment flow (bank, card, redirect), method and transaction date. Each transaction can be viewed separately, which enables users to see more detailed information about the payment, such as refund details (if the service is activated) and status.

Clients can activate the refund service. This enables users to conveniently initiate partial or full refunds via the payment dashboard. Partial refunds can be done multiple times until the full payment amount is refunded.

Be part of the future of payments

kevin.’s client self-onboarding is a convenient and time-saving way to start testing and using our services. The process is quick and straightforward, and we offer 24/7 support if you have any questions. After successful onboarding, clients receive access to kevin. payment dashboard, which allows them to track and filter payments.

If you’d like to join the companies that enjoy the benefits of kevin. payment infrastructure, create your dashboard account and experience first-hand what kevin. has to offer.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use kevin.’s self-onboarding?

kevin.’s self-onboarding is available to all types of businesses in every country where kevin. operates. You can check the locations on the map on our website.

Can any employee onboard their company?

A company can be onboarded either by the head of a legal entity or a company representative. If a representative is onboarding a business, all the agreements will still have to be signed by the head of a legal entity with a verified identity.

Can I get help during self-onboarding?

Yes, you can get help whenever needed. kevin. customer success team works around the clock, and you can easily contact them via a button on the dashboard. We also have an FAQ page.

How long does kevin.’s self-onboarding take?

The length of the onboarding process depends on various factors:

  • How soon the company provides all the documents.
  • How long the client wants to test the system for.
  • How soon the client can integrate with kevin.

Considering these factors, the onboarding can be completed as soon as all the documents are submitted and approved.

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