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Grow your business with innovative payment infrastructure while unlocking the world of open banking.

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Significant savings on transaction fees

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Provides seamless payment flow

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Accepts and collects payments faster

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Offers flexible payment infrastructure

Next-generation payment infrastructure

Online payments

In-store payments


Adapted to your needs

Suitable for every industry

Founded by payment industry experts, kevin. is a completely flexible end-to-end payment infrastructure built to understand the needs of various businesses, including fashion, electronics, food delivery, utilities, and many more. Our mission is to make payments safer, faster and fairer for everyone.

Let’s grow together

Focus on business development while we handle payments. kevin. provides businesses with ready-to-market payment infrastructure. Thus, businesses can acquire and sell kevin. as a white-label solution and remove complex and time-consuming problems involved with payment processing for their clients.

Checkout experience fitted for your brand

Customers may get suspicious and quit the checkout if they are redirected to an unfamiliar looking website to finish their transaction. However, with kevin., businesses can design a checkout experience with their own visual branding, including logos, fonts, and colours. Not only does the solution improve key business metrics, such as conversion and bounce rates, it also adds to the brand’s credibility and boosts consumer loyalty.

Uplift in customer loyalty

Slow processing of refunds is one of the core factors negatively affecting customers’ experience. To avoid that, kevin. offers immediate refunds across Europe, enabling customers to access their money faster. Without this feature, e-commerce merchants are missing out on more frequent shopping and increased customer loyalty.

Get started in no time

Integration made easy

Use kevin. plug-in to collect online payments without any hassle. Integrate with the most popular e-commerce platforms in seconds and start accepting payments faster and at a lower price.

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Rapid take-off into open banking

We believe there's no need to sacrifice time for quality. With this in mind, we provide businesses with fast and efficient onboarding.

All necessary resources at your fingertips

When we say that it’s simple to build a web or mobile integration to accept payments, we mean it. Explore our SDK’s and libraries to ensure fast and frictionless integration with our payment infrastructure.

Reach 300M+ customers with a single API


With kevin. enhance the local feel by introducing local banks' payment options and account-to-account payments without additional card fees.


Expand your business with kevin. payment infrastructure that enables you to sell globally.

Offer kevin. infrastructure to your clients

Partner with kevin.

Payment service providers, e-commerce platform providers, and payment integration services can become kevin. partners and offer their clients a cutting-edge open banking payments infrastructure. This opportunity allows companies to create a new revenue stream and expand their business by integrating kevin. cross-border payments infrastructure as a white-label solution.