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Who is kevin.?

At kevin. we don’t do jobs, we grow specialists and strategists, we cultivate careers, we pioneer technologies and disrupt systems. kevin. was born out of an ambition to do basic things better and the desire to disrupt the status quo in payment systems. We knew it could be done differently and to the advantage of users of these systems, and we did it. kevin. makes huge promises, but we always keep them. From pioneering new payment systems to taking this system to a new and wider European market, we are still doing it.

Our values


We are experts. The knowledge and professionalism of our team is what keeps us on the cutting edge of innovation in finance.


We act with courage to fulfil our ambitious vision and transform the payments market, constantly trailblazing new fintech paths together.


We value promises, and have zero doubt in the commitment and expertise of our team. We can be trusted to always deliver 100%.


We fully own our roles, taking responsibility for decisions in our specialised field and empowering others to do the same.

How to prepare for your job interview?

The kevin. ideology is founded on trust and simplicity, and our vision and working environment reflects that.

Always do a little research on the company. Find out basic information like size, locations, and the wider industry you will be working in.

Make a professional looking space available, and ensure you can reduce outside distractions and noise from that space.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It will show that you are interested in the company and position and it also shows your interviewer that you understand what you are committing to.

And the most important – be yourself!

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