kevin. partners with Monet+ to enable in-store A2A payments in Europe

kevin. partners with Monet+ to enable in-store A2A payments in Europe

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kevin. and Monet+

kevin., the next-generation payment tech infrastructure provider of direct, safe, and resilient end-to-end financial transactions, has partnered with Switchio by Monet+, an independent software platform managing thousands of payment terminals in Europe. As a result, kevin.’s account-to-account (A2A) payments will be available on all POS (point-of-sale) terminals connected to the Switchio platform.

Switchio by Monet+ works with multiple acquirers to manage millions of transactions each day and is one of the most developed platforms offering software and hardware solutions for in-store payment acceptance, covering the entire process from POS terminals to processing centres.

By integrating kevin.’s high-tech infrastructure into Switchio’s platform, Monet+ becomes the first-ever company able to offer their clients and partners A2A payments in physical stores, enabling businesses to receive payments safely, instantly and at a fair price.

Switchio is integrating kevin.’s A2A payments for POS terminals into their infrastructure within the Switchio platform, meaning that businesses using their services won’t need any additional investments to start accepting A2A payments in-store since it is compatible with existing terminals. Additionally, merchants will be able to significantly reduce their transaction costs while ensuring the same great experience their customers are used to.

To use kevin. A2A payments for POS, all consumers need to do is link their bank account within a merchant's mobile application. Once that's done, shoppers can complete their payments via NFC technology by placing their mobile device next to the POS terminal, as they usually do when making contactless payments.

Tadas Tamošiūnas, Co-founder and CEO at kevin., says: “Monet+ continues to offer great solutions to a digital world, and with Switchio they simplify transactions for plenty of businesses every day. It goes without saying that their technology plays an important role in today’s payment industry. We at kevin. are thrilled to partner with them, offering their clients access to direct and safe end-to-end in-store payments that exclude all the process steps that have developed over time but add no value.”

Kamil Hanáček, Executive Director at Switchio, says: “We’ve seen massive growth in the digitization of payments in recent years. I’m tasked with overseeing the electronic payments division at Monet+, Switchio’s parent company, and we believe that safe and reliable solutions are often built on cooperation between many partners - it’s what allows us to participate in foreign projects. Cooperating with kevin. will open up new doors to several payment possibilities and make the payment experience even more pleasant. Security and reliability are always priorities in our work.”

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kevin. was created to evolve traditional online and in-store payments. With kevin.'s open banking-enabled account-to-account infrastructure, payments bypass the traditional intermediaries. Offering fully customisable transacting solutions, kevin. helps improve customer experience and conversion while saving on the cost of payment processing.