uniPark uses kevin. to offer safer parking payments
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uniPark uses kevin. to offer safer parking payments

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kevin. x uniPark

uniPark is part of the Parkdema Group, a parking solution provider that offers services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland. Parkdema Group is one of the largest parking lot operators in the Baltics.

uniPark has a convenient app that allows customers to manage their parking and pay for other services in an easy and quick way. Along with on and off-street parking, the app enables paying for car washes and EV charging with different payment methods.

The users of the uniPark app don’t need to worry about finding a parking pay station or carrying cash. They can easily pay for the services via a mobile app with their favourite payment method.

uniPark’s challenge

uniPark processes high volumes of mobile payment transactions. The company needed a solution that would make mobile payments quick and convenient for their clients while also ensuring a secure environment.

Moreover, when paying by card, each money transaction may include up to 15 different fees while travelling from the shopper’s to the merchant’s account. uniPark’s app has over 250 000 users, and the company processes a high number of transactions every day, which results in a significant portion of the payments being spent on card fees. uniPark needed a solution that would be more cost-effective.

How did kevin. help uniPark?

kevin. enabled uniPark to add a payment method that allows their clients to pay directly from their bank accounts without the need to involve payment cards. uniPark app users in the Baltics and Poland now have a chance to link their bank account to the merchant’s app and pay for uniPark’s services without leaving the app. kevin.’s account linking feature helps uniPark save on card transactions while creating a frictionless mobile payment experience for their customers.

Justinas Doviltis, CIO of uniPark, says that kevin. “provided us with a safer and cheaper option for parking payments.”

So far, around 40% of uniPark users have opted-in for kevin.’s payment option, and the number is growing every month. uniPark offers many different payment methods (via bank, credit card, mobile operator, and others), so having users choose to pay via kevin. helps the company save on card transaction fees. Mr Doviltis says that: “From a business standpoint, we are spending less for each payment, as well as providing a safer payment option for our users.”

Spend less on transaction fees with kevin.

Would your company like to spend less on card payments? With kevin., you can significantly save on card transaction fees while also offering your clients a secure and convenient payment option. Contact us, and we’ll make sure to provide the best offer for your business.

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