Grow your business with one-click payments

Grow your business with one-click payments

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grow with one-click payments

We’ve all been there: you’re ready to make a purchase online, and you’re hit with having to enter detail after detail to make the payment go through. This same hassle can be the reason your business’s customers don’t purchase from you.

What can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen?

Experience a quicker way for customers to pay that will boost your conversion rates. Let them complete transactions with just a touch or a single click using one-click payments. With kevin., customers can connect their bank account with ease. That means a greater chance of conversions for your business and receiving the money from the transaction quicker than ever.

What are one-click payments?

One-click payments allow customers to pay for a product or service by clicking a single button. They link their bank account at the time of checkout, and subsequent payments can require just one click.

Also called one-click buying, this form of payment lets customers pay with ease. There is no entering of payment information that is necessary–instead, the customer simply authenticates a connection to their bank account to make a purchase. It makes checkout faster and more convenient, which can increase customer loyalty and sales.

How do one-click payments work?

One-click payments work as follows:

  • The customer navigates to the checkout
  • They select payment via bank account
  • They authenticate the connection via their banking app, Smart ID, or control code
  • They add their bank account
account linking example

On subsequent visits, the customer’s information will be stored via a secure token for 90 days. Any following payments can take just a single click to make.

What are the benefits of using one-click payments?

There are several benefits of using one-click payments:

A better customer experience will help you earn more

Customers care about convenience. When it comes to their preferred payment methods, your checkout making it simple for them to complete a transaction means more sales for you.

Money comes through faster

Sick of long waits for settlement times? With one-click account-to-account (A2A) payments, funds travel quickly. That’s even the case when payments need to cross borders, which is important for any e-commerce business.

It's more cost-effective for businesses

Some forms of payment involve several different types of fees. Instead of allowing transaction costs to eat into your profits, you can choose one-click A2A payments that don’t involve extensive processing fees.

More security, less online fraud

When the customer has to authenticate their identity, it reduces the chance of fraud occurring. When using A2A payments, there is an extra layer of security involved. Choosing this payment type cuts down on many types of fraud that may otherwise be a risk. Below, you’ll find more details on security and one-click payments.

Are one-click payments secure?

One-click payments can be considered extremely secure. Safety is a concern for customers and businesses alike when it comes to online payments. When you use A2A one-click payments through kevin., tokenization applies rather than the use of methods that expose sensitive card information. Measures such as strong customer authentication are used for certain transactions, giving another layer of security.

Fraud risk is minimal when using A2A one-click payments with kevin. It’s all thanks to our robust API, or application programming interface. There are different ways to access financial data or put a transaction through. An open banking API is the alternative to screen scraping, which is banned in most countries due to how unsafe it is.

kevin. never uses third parties, adding even more security to one-click payments. Everything is taken care of in-house, from the creation of our API to its maintenance and even getting down to details like optimizing your business’s payment flow.

How to implement one-click payments

The first step to implementing one-click payments is to find a payment infrastructure provider with this capability. As mentioned, kevin. makes it simple and convenient for your customers to link their bank account. Their next transactions can be completed in as little as a single step, meaning a smoother payment completion path that can positively affect your conversion rate.

Change the world of payments with kevin.

Ready to take the next step in offering a pain-free payment process to your customers? It’s easy to create an account in our dashboard and start seeing what kevin. is all about.

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