kevin.’s mobile in-app payment solution

kevin.’s mobile in-app payment solution

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Paying for goods and services via a mobile app is something that users don’t even question. It’s fast, convenient, and it shouldn’t be otherwise. But users rarely know how challenging it may be for the companies to create a smooth checkout flow.

Forward-thinking companies choose open banking and innovative payment infrastructure services like kevin. to save time and resources. At kevin., we help businesses of all sizes disrupt the lengths the money has to travel to reach the merchants.

kevin. has built an in-app mobile payment solution that merchants can integrate into their native mobile apps. Our solution supports access to most EU and EEA banks and allows clients to quickly make mobile payments without leaving the merchant’s app.

Why choose kevin.’s in-app payment solution?

kevin.’s mobile in-app payment solution makes your mobile app’s checkout flow secure and smooth by integrating into your native mobile app.

Instant payments

The solution supports SEPA and SEPA instant payments for fast and frictionless transactions across Europe. This allows the payments to reach you quickly and securely, regardless of the client’s location.

Complete user interface (UI) customisation

The in-app payment solution’s interface is fully customisable. It can match your brand colours, fonts, your app background, and other pre-built components to create a consistent user experience. Our design expertise is based on the implementation guidelines used by the largest players in the market - Human Interface Guidelines by Apple and Material Design Guidelines used by Google.


Our solution complies with all the EU security requirements, including PSD2 and GDPR. It also adds an extra layer of security that helps lower the risks of fraudulent purchases.

Simple integration

The in-app payment solution can be easily used in iOS and Android projects natively as well as in the most popular cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter and React Native. We also provide extensive developer-friendly documentation.

Hassle-free in-app payments for your clients

kevin.’s mobile payment solution makes the payment process easy and quick for both businesses that integrate our product and for the end-users.

  • Users can link their bank accounts with the merchant’s app and make all the purchases in one click, without any extra authorisation.
  • Clients don’t need to leave the merchant’s app to make the payments. Everything is done within the app. Once a consumer links their bank account to the merchants, all the payments can be done in one click.
  • The app recognises the user’s bank after the user enters 8 digits of their card, which makes the checkout process faster and can increase conversion rates.

Solution that disrupts traditional payment flows

Unlokk is a modern loan provider that makes lending quick and convenient for their clients. The company offers users a loan of up to 5 000 EUR via Unlokk's mobile application.

Traditionally, loan repayment requires manual transfers from a client’s bank account. To make the payments in time, the user would have to take all their relevant data from the loan app, log in to their bank, and enter all the same information on the banking platform. The process would have to be repeated every month.

kevin.’s in-app mobile payment solution disrupted this traditional flow and made Unlokk’s loan repayment much easier. Now their clients can make the repayments in time without any hassle, simply by repaying their loans inside Unlokk’s mobile app.

A breath of fresh air for the developers

Building an entire mobile app checkout flow can take months or even longer. With kevin.’s solution, app developers can focus on other important tasks while we take care of the payments.

  • Our mobile payment solution is built natively and contains all the required elements inside the library that developers can use.
  • Once you order our tool, it can be up and running in your app as fast as in two days. This means that you can enter the market quickly.
  • kevin.’s in-app mobile payment SDK works on different platforms, so you can easily integrate it with different mobile OS or use it as a plugin on multi-platform frameworks.
  • The solution is easy to integrate and comes with developer-friendly documentation that will guide you through every step of the process on multiple platforms.

Our team is always ready to help you with the integration or customise the solution to suit your needs. We have a client support team that works around the clock to assist with any customers’ queries.

Save time and money with kevin.

It’s time we change traditional banking. kevin.’s in-app payment solution makes mobile payments quick and hassle-free. Our tool is completely secure, easy to integrate, and will provide your clients the best possible user experience.

We accommodate businesses of all sizes and we are ready to make your app’s checkout flow frictionless. If you’re interested in our mobile in-app payment solution, get in touch, and prepare to scale your business.

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