kevin. Tech Talks: helping engineering scale

kevin. Tech Talks: helping engineering scale

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kevin. Tech Talks event

Scaling processes that were originally created for a handful of people is a challenge that many growing companies face but not many talk about in terms of engineering teams.

Although there is quite a lot of theoretical information related to engineering scaling, finding real-life examples might be difficult. That’s an issue kevin. engineering team is well familiar with, since the team has seen a 300% growth in just under a year. Moreover, developing products that have never been successfully created before means having to run into challenges that might have led other organisations to a dead end.

Facing these issues first-hand encouraged kevin. engineers to initiate an event for technical experts. kevin. launched a hybrid Tech Talks event, where experts from the engineering teams shared their knowledge and addressed issues that many fast-growing companies run into.

The recording of the event is available online for everyone who couldn’t attend live.

Watch kevin. Tech Talks: How to scale engineering processes and not crash in the attempt.

Tech Talks topics

Kamil Noster, Senior Backend Engineer

Kamil Noster, Senior Backend Engineer | DevEx at kevin. Test smarter, not harder

Kamil covers why kevin. teams invest so much time into testing code and reveals what techniques they use for testing. He also talks about test automation and explains why the complexity of the tests matters so much.

This talk can help engineers discover effective ways for testing their code and learn what tools should become engineers’ best friends during the process.

Grantas Gadliauskas, Senior Backend Engineer

Grantas Gadliauskas, Senior Backend Engineer | POS at kevin. Asynchronous data access with R2DBC and JOOQ

Grantas shares his experience about the challenges that the engineering team faced while developing a groundbreaking solution for accepting account-to-account payments with point-of-sale (POS) terminals. He compares different database connectivities and demonstrates code examples fetching payments.

Grantas’ talk is a breath of fresh air for all engineers who feel stuck dealing with asynchronous data.

Daniel Sanchez, Senior Backend Engineer

Daniel Sanchez, Senior Backend Engineer | Checkout at kevin. Implementing DDD with Clean/Hexagonal architecture in NestJS

Daniel takes a deep dive into the three-layer architecture, rich domain models, domain-driven architecture, and NestJS implementation. He tackles common issues related to code and business logic contained in services, reviews what is considered poor architecture, and suggests how to improve domain models.

This talk will be especially helpful to engineers who are considering starting to use DDD and who are already using it. Daniel tackles dilemmas which are not usually explained in traditional cookbooks.

kevin. engineers

Marius Balčytis, VP of Engineering | Core, and Edgar Žigis, VP of Engineering | Mobile at kevin. Fireside chat: Solving challenges of quick engineering scaling

Marius and Edgar discuss the main challenges that inevitably appear when engineering teams have to scale quickly. Both experts share their experience about managing growing teams, hiring new talents, and dealing with increasing expectations.

Team leads, tech startup engineers, and everyone working in a fast-paced environment will find something they can relate to and learn from.

Teamwork is the key to success

One thing that becomes apparent after the kevin. Tech Talks is the fact that teamwork is essential for success. Whether it’s working inside an engineering team or sharing knowledge to help out engineers that face the same challenges, teaming up to talk about important issues is essential.

With this in mind, kevin. Tech Talks will continue to shed light on relevant challenges that engineers face and strive to create a community that can openly discuss the most pressing issues.

If you’re interested in joining our engineering team, check out our open positions on the career page.

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