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kevin. users can use self-onboarding feature

Becoming a kevin. client has never been easier. We’ve recently launched a client self-onboarding service that allows merchants to start using kevin. payment initiation service quickly. Self-onboarding is entirely online, meaning merchants can save time and human resources by onboarding whenever is most convenient for them.

Together with the client self-onboarding flow, we have also updated our payment dashboard. kevin. clients can now track and filter all transactions in one place. The payment overview helps merchants stay on top of their client transactions and provides essential payment data.

This quick start guide will explain how to start onboarding with kevin.’s new self-service, its advantages and what information merchants can see in their payment dashboard.

Client self-onboarding flow

kevin. self-onboarding flow

kevin.’s self-onboarding is straightforward. The flow consists of five steps: ID verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) form, Setting up a project, Agreement and Activation.

1. ID verification

ID verification step

This is a standard ID verification process that most people are familiar with. The client needs to scan a valid passport or identity card and take a picture of themselves. The kevin. team will then review the ID and picture and either confirm the ID or ask for a resubmission.

2. KYC form

KYC form step

The client needs to choose whether they’re onboarding as an individual or a company. When choosing the former, clients need to provide information about themselves, name activity details and ultimate beneficiaries. The client needs to enter their company details, name representatives and fill out other business information and ultimate beneficiaries. After all the information is complete, the KYC form needs to be signed. Our legal team reviews and confirms the form, or returns it if revisions are needed.

3. Setting up a project

Setting up a project step

Users can set up as many projects as they need. During the project, a client will be asked to provide their website details. The client receives integration keys that can be copied and safely stored for future reference during this step. Once submitted, kevin. legal team reviews the projects for confirmation.

4. Agreement

Agreement step

When each of the previous steps has been completed and confirmed, the client needs to agree with terms and conditions and sign an agreement, which can be downloaded from the onboarding site. Alternatively, the agreement can be signed via an electronic signature platform.

5. Activation

Activation step

The client can now either continue testing the service or activate the keys and start collecting payments via kevin. right away.

Bear in mind that some steps can be filled out simultaneously, while others need to be confirmed before moving on. For example, once the ID verification (step one) is completed and approved, the client can move on to filling out the KYC form (step two) and setting up a project (step three). Steps two and three have to be completed and approved by our legal department before you can sign the agreement (step four).

All the entered information can be saved as a draft, and clients can come back to submit the data at their convenience.

kevin.’s self-onboarding benefits

Quick and easy self-onboarding provides many benefits for kevin. clients:

  • Convenience - merchants can submit their information entirely remotely and whenever available. They can also save their progress and come back to the forms later if needed.
  • Progress tracking - clients will always know the status of their submissions: approved, input needed, in review, or rejected.
  • Speed - in most cases, self-onboarding may be finished as quickly as all the documents are submitted and approved.
  • Security - self-onboarding is completely safe. Clients need to use two-factor authentication to log in to their onboarding site to ensure maximum security.

Payment dashboard

Once onboarded, kevin. clients gain access to kevin. payment dashboard. The dashboard allows companies to ​​conveniently overview all the payments. It also enables searching for specific transactions based on their ID or filtering payments based on their type and other parameters.

kevin. payment dashboard view

The dashboard displays payment status (started, pending, completed, failed), order ID, payment amount, method, type (payment or refund), payment flow (bank, card, redirect), date and indicates whether the payment has been refunded.

All information can also be extracted as a .csv file.

Creating the future of payments together

kevin.’s client self-onboarding is a convenient and time-saving way to start using our services. The process consists of five steps, and we offer 24/7 support throughout the process. After a successful onboarding, clients receive access to kevin. payment dashboard, which allows them to track and filter payments.

While we’re incredibly excited to introduce the client self-onboarding service and payment dashboard, we’re also constantly looking for ways to improve the service. We work together with our clients to collect feedback and find ways to make our onboarding process even better.

If you’d like to join the companies that enjoy the benefits of kevin. payment infrastructure, get in touch, and we can start building the future of payments together.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use kevin.’s self-onboarding?

kevin.’s self-onboarding is available to small businesses in every country where kevin. operates. Our team will lead the onboarding of all the larger companies, however they still need to be located in our service zone. You can check the locations on the map on our website. To find out if your company is eligible for self-service onboarding, please get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss your case.

Can any employee onboard their company?

No, not every employee can go through with the onboarding. Only the company’s CEO, General Manager or a person with a power of attorney can go through the first steps of the onboarding process (ID verification and KYC form).

Can I get help during self-onboarding?

Yes, you can get help whenever needed. kevin. client support works around the clock, and you can easily contact them via email. To do that, click on the “Support” button in the bottom left corner of the onboarding page.

How long does kevin.’s self-onboarding take?

The length of the onboarding process depends on various factors:

  • How soon the company provides all the documents;
  • How long the client wants to test the system for;
  • How soon the client can integrate with kevin.

Considering these factors, the onboarding can be completed as soon as all the documents are submitted and approved.

Who can use the payment dashboard?

All companies that use kevin. can register and access their payment overview via the dashboard. Companies that haven't gone through the self-onboarding process can still use the payment dashboard.

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