kevin. payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce

Integrate kevin. plugin into your WooCommerce online store and let customers pay directly from their bank accounts across Europe. This means shorter settlement times, lower transaction fees, higher conversion rates – and it all happens seamlessly.

Instant settlement

Get paid faster and ship goods or provide services right away

There’s no need to wait days, if not weeks, for funds to settle. With kevin. plugin, settle payments faster and better manage your cash flow. Enable customers to pay directly from their bank account and ship goods or unlock services immediately. Faster shipping can encourage shoppers to become more loyal to your brand, increase their cart value and shop more frequently.

New business opportunities

Extend your reach and boost sales

Attract customers from all over Europe by providing them with a reliable and convenient way to pay for their goods online. kevin. has extensive coverage of European banks, which guarantees that your business will never miss out on another customer. Gain instant access to hundreds of millions of potential customers with a European bank account.

Fewer abandoned carts

Boost conversions with a seamless checkout

Convenience and speed at the checkout are critical factors in reaching new customers and retaining loyal ones. Streamline your checkout by removing third-party windows that often confuse customers and cause them to drop off before purchasing. With kevin. plugin let buyers checkout with fewer clicks and a friction-free user experience that can help reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion, and improve retention.

Fast and easy installation

Start accepting payments in minutes

With our uncomplicated integration guidelines and our team of experts working by your side, installing kevin. plugin is a breeze. The integration takes less than five minutes to complete and doesn’t require writing a single line of code.

Checkout localisation

kevin. automatically recognises the customer's country and offers local bank payment options in the local language.

Easy refunds

With kevin., you can process refunds directly from your platform, with support for partial refunds.

More payment methods

kevin. plugin supports direct bank and card payments through the same integration.

Built-in compliance

With kevin., your payments are compliant with GDPR, PSD2, and other payment industry regulations.

Frequently asked questions about kevin. plugin for WooCommerce

    Do I need to have kevin. account to proceed with plugin installation?

    Yes, you must have kevin. account before you can continue with plugin integration for Woocommerce.

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    How can I integrate kevin. payment gateway plugin into my WooCommerce online store?

    Installing kevin. payment gateway into your store is simple. After you've created an account, follow our step-by-step guide to integrate kevin. plugin into your WooCommerce store.

    Install plugin

    How much does WooCommerce payment gateway integration cost?

    There are no start-up costs or maintenance fees. As a merchant, you pay a single fee every month. Please get in touch if you want to know more about our pricing model.

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    I built my shop on another e-commerce platform. Do you have a solution for me?

    We have different plugin modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms, including OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento, among others, as well as a PHP library for custom integrations. All you have to do is download and install the module according to the instructions for your particular case.

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Integration made easy
Use kevin. plug-in to collect online payments without any hassle. Integrate with the most popular e-commerce platforms in seconds and start accepting payments faster and at a lower price.

Grow your business with kevin. payment gateway integration

Collect direct, fast, and seamless payments from local and international customers with kevin. payment gateway integration for WooCommerce.