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Who is kevin.?

kevin. contains multitudes! kevin. is the opposite of a monopoly, kevin. is the idea that no matter who you are and where you come from - enthusiastic and determined attitude can take you to the top.


You’re the expert in your field, yet we all know there's always something new to master. That’s why kevin. is here for you — a place where you can learn and grow alongside other experts.


You’re a self-starter who’s willing to take full responsibility for your work and the results it brings. All of your decisions are based on rational thinking and data, and you have complete confidence in them.


Trust is crucial to you. You deliver 100% of the promised results and expect others to do the same. Reliability is your main requirement for yourself and your colleagues. kevin. is built on trust - we believe in our product and each other.


You’re ambitious, proactive, and value growth. Your inspiration at work is the wish for something bigger and better. At kevin. you will be encouraged to reach new heights in your career. Stagnation doesn’t happen in a successful startup.

They can't wait to meet you

"We constantly look for new ways to attract the best experts in their field. At kevin., we don't just offer perks that look attractive at first sight but have no real value. We focus on providing useful benefits that motivate people and help them grow in their roles."

Agne Meskaite

Chief People Officer


Experts work at kevin. and we’re growing


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