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Start a partnership with kevin., create a new revenue stream and offer a cutting-edge open banking payment infrastructure that will enable your clients to expand their consumer base across Europe.

kevin. benefits

Broad coverage

kevin. payment gateway covers a well-developed bank network across 27 EU and EEA countries. Extensive bank coverage enables merchants to expand their consumer base by reaching over 350M clients around Europe.

Fair pricing

kevin. offers fast and fair-priced cross-border payments with an option to reduce transaction costs by enabling account-to-account payments. Save time and resources by choosing a trusted payment infrastructure for a fair price.

More payment methods

Offer your clients a payment service with expanded payment options. Allow them to enjoy the best of open banking by providing an account-to-account (A2A) payment method that significantly reduces transaction costs.

Security first

kevin. greatly reduces the risk of online payment fraud by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries from the transaction process. 100% API-based connectivity to Europe’s banks and a unique encryption system makes kevin. nearly immune to cybercrime.

Extend your country coverage

Payment service providers

It’s time payment service providers made card schemes and interchange fees a thing of the past. Partner with kevin. and use the API to initiate payments and process account top-ups. Build a fully embedded checkout flow and allow your merchant’s customers to pay in just a few clicks. If you already work with an A2A payment infrastructure provider, compare their pricing, payment flow, and Payment Initiation Service (PIS) coverage with kevin. It's time for a change.

Create a new revenue stream

Platform providers

A partnership with kevin. enables platform providers and web agencies to increase revenue by offering their clients the fast-growing A2A payment method for a fair price. Partnering with an open banking-powered Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) also provides companies with a competitive advantage over other platform providers.

Your clients will benefit from this partnership because the innovative kevin. payment infrastructure will enable merchants to reach over 350M+ consumers around Europe and offer them the option to pay directly from their bank accounts. Partner with kevin. and provide more appealing payment options for a much better price.

Enjoy a high-profit and low-cost opportunity

Payment integration partners

Boost your business by offering kevin. payment integration to your partners. Combine your solutions with kevin. payment infrastructure and provide your clients with a complete package they won’t be able to resist.

With kevin. white-label solution, you can offer your clients the opportunity to keep their current branding while providing a convenient checkout for their consumers. Choose a partnership that will let you create an additional revenue stream by developing a standardised payment solution template that can be reused. Enjoy high profit while keeping your costs low.

Why partner with kevin.?

Smart revenue stream

Partnering with kevin. enables companies to regain control from the largest payment industry duopoly. Eliminating bank cards from the payment flow means more revenue and more power for you and your clients.

White-label solution

Choose kevin. white-label solution and integrate payment infrastructure with your design elements. Let merchants keep their branding all the way through the checkout process while making payments easy and convenient.

Leading-edge infrastructure

kevin. provides a next-generation payment infrastructure and innovative technological solutions. Partnering with kevin. means staying at the forefront of technological payment innovations.


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