In-app payments for an explosive take off

kevin. benefits

Broad coverage

kevin. payment gateway covers a well-developed bank network across 27 EU and EEA countries. Extensive bank coverage enables merchants to expand their consumer base by reaching over 350M clients around Europe.

Fair pricing

kevin. offers fast and fair-priced cross-border payments with an option to reduce transaction costs by enabling account-to-account payments. Save time and resources by choosing a trusted payment infrastructure for a fair price.

More payment methods

Offer your clients a payment service with expanded payment options. Allow them to enjoy the best of open banking by providing an account-to-account (A2A) payment method that significantly reduces transaction costs.

Save time

Start off smoothly with kevin. mobile SDK

kevin. is built to be mobile and developer-friendly payment infrastructure. Our SDK lets developers focus on creating the best mobile payment experience rather than overwhelming technical work.

Build customer loyalty

Enable frictionless in-app payments

Customers abandon their carts when they feel even the slightest inconvenience during a checkout. Let alone opening several third-party windows to make a transaction. Provide your customers with an enjoyable and unified in-app payment experience. Everything fits your brand, no third-party windows, no friction.

Next-generation payment infrastructure

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Web payments

mobile payment example

Mobile payments

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Point of sale payments