How A2A payments help improve the customer payment experience

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Improving payment experience

You’ve put in time and effort to create a user-friendly shopping experience in your online store. But then a customer abandons their cart at the last possible moment, leaving you without a sale and wondering why it happened. All too commonly, consumers will leave a poor payment experience and find one that’s more to their liking with another business.

What can you do to make sure your customers don’t duck out of the buying process on that last vital step? Account-to-account payments could be the element you’ve been missing in your business’s payment methods. Let’s talk about it!

Why is payer experience so important?

The checkout process involves completing a payment, which can be easily overlooked or underestimated. If you haven’t put much focus on it, then your customer will likely abandon the purchasing process. That means a lost sale for you and a customer who probably won’t return to try again if they were dissatisfied with the checkout process the first time.

Why shoppers abandon their carts

Ways to improve your customer payment experience

Fortunately, there is much you can do on your side to improve the customer payment experience. Let’s go over some important aspects for you to consider.

Understand shopping cart abandonment

Abandoned carts occur for various reasons, including extra costs like shipping fees or not having customer’s preferred payment methods available. Visitors may also dislike needing to create an account to checkout. Once you understand why customers are navigating away from the checkout page, you can optimize the customer payment experience.

Offer relevant payment methods

As briefly mentioned above, customers may not make a purchase if your checkout process doesn’t involve their preferred method of payment. This issue can be made even more complex by doing business in multiple countries. One may have a certain type of preferred payment method, while other country’s consumers prefer something completely different.

It’s worth investing time and effort to look into in-country preferences. Make sure you know which payment methods are relevant in each market you operate in–or find a payment infrastructure that operates throughout Europe, as kevin. does.

Simplify your payment process

Think quickly: do you know how many steps are involved in your payment process? If not, it could be too many for customers to convert. While elements like add-on offers and service options can bring significant value, they can also make consumers feel fatigued. Keep simplicity in mind, knowing that conversions rely on a streamlined payment process.

Reduce checkout friction

The less effort a customer has to put into the checkout, the more likely they will complete the purchase. According to studies on checkout usability, flow and design are the top determiners of conversion. You don’t want your potential customer to leave feeling upset or clueless because they weren’t sure how to complete a purchase.

Cut any confusing steps, the entry of any unnecessary information, and be sure you don’t redirect the customer to a third-party site. If you do, chances are good they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Ensure payment methods are secure

A smooth checkout process should never mean compromising security. Trustworthiness of a checkout is a high priority for consumers and will cause them to abandon their cart if they don’t feel it’s up to par.

Working with a reliable payment infrastructure that invests heavily in security will help your customers feel safe purchasing from you. kevin.’s online payment fraud protection measures

mean you and your customers will feel confident during the checkout and payment process.

How A2A payments help improve the customer payment experience

As you can see, a suboptimal customer payment experience can mean going out of business. If you haven’t yet considered offering account-to-account (A2A) payments, it can give a tremendous boost to your checkout process. Let’s talk about the advantages:

Significantly less payment processing costs

Transaction costs eat into your bottom line. You can avoid overpaying with a payment method that goes directly from the customer’s bank account to yours.

Instant settlement

No more waiting for days or weeks for a payment to reach your business bank account. With A2A payments, there are no intermediaries involved, meaning your payment settlement can be much quicker.

Minimized drop-offs

Watch your client conversion rates climb with A2A payments. kevin. clients, including sporting goods chain Decathlon, watched their incomplete payments drop by 50%! Without a long, complex checkout process, conversion numbers can soar.

Reduce the opportunity for fraud

Several forms of security are in place that reduce the risk of fraud occurring with A2A payments. For example, strong customer authentication (SCA) dictates that most transactions need to have the customer confirm their identity. kevin. also offers quick, secure payments covered by PSD2 regulation, or the Second Payment Services Directive. One of the main aims of this directive was to make electronic payments in Europe more secure.

Easy access to European markets

Want to have access to over 350 million customers? kevin. operates all over Europe, meaning you have a large potential customer pool to draw from, all completing transactions through convenient A2A payment rails.

Start accepting account-to-account payments today

A natural part of doing business is looking to expand and increase transactions. The customer payment experience has to be a central consideration. A2A payments can give your customers the convenient, safe checkout they’re looking for, increasing their loyalty to you. Ready to get started? kevin. is here for you!

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