Slevomat uses kevin. infrastructure to launch its payment method

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Slevomat and kevin.

Slevomat is an online retailer offering various deals to customers looking for local entertainment or pleasant experiences, such as hotel stays, beauty and health services, bars and restaurants. Headquartered in Prague, the Czech Republic, Slevomat serves over four million registered users and offers deals that are appealing to both consumers and businesses.

In August 2022, Slevomat launched its payment method - Slevomat Pay. This payment option allows customers to pay for the company’s services directly from their bank accounts. Slevomat Pay is built on an advanced payment infrastructure that uses open-banking powered account-to-account payments (A2A), which eliminates all unnecessary intermediaries from the payment process.

Slevomat’s challenge

With millions of registered users, Slevomat aimed to ensure that all consumers could find a payment method that suited their needs. The company was determined to offer its clients a payment method that would allow users to pay for services quickly and conveniently, regardless of whether they were shopping on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Moreover, processing high numbers of transactions every day, Slevomat needed a resilient solution that would reduce payment costs and allow the company to access the funds more quickly.

Jiří Brych, Chief Product Officer at Slevomat, says: “Our business model requires exclusively online payment methods, and at the same time, we have an increasing proportion of customers who shop from their mobile phones. With Slevomat Pay, we now have an alternative to card payments and BNPL (buy now, pay later) systems.”

How did kevin. help Slevomat?

kevin. offered Slevomat a solution the company needed - a white-label account-to-account payment method. Serving the market for over a decade, Slevomat has a recognisable brand that consumers trust and having the option to keep its branding allowed the company to offer the clients a well-developed, tested and reliable payment method quickly.

Slevomat launched a payment method called Slevomat Pay, which allows its clients to pay for services directly from their bank accounts. Furthermore, this payment method enables the money to travel immediately from the payee’s bank account to the business account, which means that orders can be processed swiftly.

Slevomat Pay payment method

Mr Brych says: “Slevomat Pay quickly gained higher percentages [than other payment methods], and its share is still increasing. Compared to other payment methods, the adoption curve is incomparably faster, and we expect it to continue to grow in the future.”

A partnership that benefits all

Choosing to partner with kevin. enabled Slevomat to offer a payment method that benefits both the company and its clients.

Consumers can now shop without using their bank cards, which saves them time and is more convenient. Moreover, paying directly from a bank account means that orders can be processed much quicker.

Meanwhile, Slevomat saves on payment processing fees and can accept them without having to rely on card schemes. Choosing a white-label solution enabled Slevomat to offer a payment method that strengthens its brand, and ensures a seamless payment experience for the customers.

Buying an open banking solution over building one in-house brings companies many benefits, and your company can enjoy them by partnering with kevin.

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