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Choosing a WooCommerce payment gateway

A reliable payment gateway is essential for collecting payments for any e-commerce shop. Online shop owners can choose a payment gateway plugin when building a shop on WordPress with one of the best and most popular plugins, WooCommerce. Making this decision requires careful consideration because there are many options to choose from.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Users who want to turn their WordPress site into a shop should install the free WooCommerce plugin. It enables users to create and manage an e-commerce site with various added features such as inventory management, order tracking, shipping integration, etc.

The plugin supports nearly seven million active websites and powers most WordPress shops. WooCommerce users can choose what payment gateway they want to integrate with their e-commerce store, and there are plenty of options.

How do you pick the right option for your business, and what features should you consider when searching for the best payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce? How can payment options impact the success of your company? Here you’ll find the answers to these and other important questions that will help you make the right decision.

What is a WooCommerce payment gateway?

A WooCommerce payment gateway is a plugin that enables e-shop owners to accept payments on their e-commerce sites. The plugin supports a number of different payment gateways, and each can offer various features, fees, and payment methods.

Payment gateway plugins can come with all kinds of features so choosing the best one requires research and careful consideration. Picking the right solution can help merchants boost their online shop, while other options can end up holding their business back.

How to choose a payment gateway for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce offers nearly a hundred different extensions for payments. Choosing the best payment gateway can be challenging, so it’s important to consider which features are the most important for a specific business. Here are the main factors to think through when choosing the right payment gateway for WooCommerce.


Payment gateways can charge a percentage of or a fixed fee for each transaction. Costs can vary depending on location, payment methods and payment gateway. Some merchants charge more for their goods or services to cover payment-related fees, which can make consumers look for alternative shopping options.

Some payment processors can also charge extra fees for setup, account maintenance, or a monthly subscription.

E-commerce businesses should take into consideration all payment-related fees. These costs can strongly affect a business, especially if the company is still relatively new in the market.

Country coverage

When choosing a payment gateway, it’s important to find out whether it accepts payments in the merchant’s countries of operations and its client’s countries. Some payment gateways only work in one country, so businesses should consider whether they’re solely targeting local customers or would like to be able to sell to more clients regardless of their location.

Country coverage is also an important factor for companies that plan to scale their businesses. Choosing a payment gateway with wide coverage will save time and other resources when a business grows and expands into other markets.

Payment methods

Lack of payment methods is one of the reasons shoppers abandon their carts. Offering the most popular and convenient payment options can increase conversion rates and help sell more.

When choosing a payment gateway, WooCommerce shop owners should find out which payment methods are available and decide if those options are relevant to their target customers.

Why choose kevin. for a WooCommerce store?

kevin. offers a payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce stores. This plugin can help merchants increase conversion rates, enable European customers to pay with their local banks, and reduce transaction costs for merchants.

Here are the main features kevin. has to offer to WordPress merchants:

No hidden fees

kevin. offers a solution without any hidden charges. There are no maintenance fees or setup costs. Merchants only need to pay a set monthly fee.

This means businesses can rest assured that with kevin., their payment solution won’t become more expensive than anticipated.

Localized checkout

kevin. can automatically recognise what country the customer is shopping from and offer local bank payment options in the local language. This can lead to higher customer loyalty and increased conversion rates.

Suspicious or complicated checkouts are among the top reasons for abandoned shopping carts, so using a localized checkout can increase conversions. Moreover, offering local banks for a payment option reduces friction and enables shoppers to pay for goods or services quicker.

Simple refunds

kevin. enables merchants to process refunds easily, directly from the merchant platform. Businesses can also process partial refunds and conveniently track them.

Having all the information in one place and being able to process refunds without leaving the platform saves time and makes payment management easier.

Multiple payment methods

With one kevin. plugin integration, merchants can offer direct bank and card payments. Direct bank payments, also known as account-to-account payments, enable consumers to pay for goods or services directly from their bank account. This eliminates all the costly card processing fees and makes the payment process smoother.

Built-in compliance

When using kevin., payments comply with GDPR, PSD2, and other relevant payment industry regulations. Merchants don’t have to worry about their payment security or complying with different standards and regulations. They can just focus on running their business.

Straightforward integration

Integrating kevin.’s payment solution into a WooCommerce store is simple. After creating a free kevin. dashboard account, users can follow this helpful step-by-step integration guide and start collecting payments in no time.

kevin. - the right partner for your business

kevin. is a great solution for collecting payments via a WordPress shop. This choice benefits all merchants who want to easily integrate a payment gateway. This payment solution can help scale business and securely accept payments from European countries while allowing consumers to pay with their local bank account. And all these features come with no hidden fees! Moreover, accepting account-to-account payments can help shop owners save on card transaction costs.

What to do next? Create an account, install the kevin. plugin, and start accepting payments easily.

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