Payment options for startups: how to choose the best

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New, promising startups across various industries appear every day. With a high level of competition, you need to go the extra mile to ensure your business can steadily grow and stay in the market.

Making sure that clients have the option to pay conveniently for the goods or services a startup provides is a key focus for any company. When running a startup, payment options also need to meet specific needs.

If you’re working with a startup company, you should know that payment options you offer to your clients can determine the success of your online business. Scalable, fair-priced solutions that ensure quick money settlement times should be at the top of your priority list.

Choosing the right payment infrastructure can help you build your business. Meanwhile, a poor choice means that your company can get stuck with a legacy payment system that requires constant maintenance.

Which payment options are the best for your online startup, and how can payment methods contribute to the success of a fast-growing company?

Having a variety of payment methods is one of the factors that can increase conversion rates for online businesses. Here are the most popular payment methods that startups should consider.

Account-to-account payments

Account-to-account (A2A) payments are direct bank payments. These payments travel directly from the consumer’s bank account to the merchant’s account without any unnecessary intermediaries. That means avoiding all card processing fees and card fraud.

A2A payments can be implemented into online businesses or used to accept mobile in-app payments. The latter ensures a smooth checkout process by allowing consumers to pay for goods or services directly in a mobile app. Shoppers can enter their payment details or choose their local bank inside the app.

Using kevin.’s payment infrastructure enables startups to collect direct bank payments from most European countries. With kevin., companies can easily scale their business without needing to change the payment infrastructure to suit growing business needs.

Card payments

Card payments are among the most popular payment methods across industries. The card payment flow, however, involves a number of different players who charge various fees. Declined cards also cause various inconveniences for your business and customers.

While cards remain a popular choice for payment, startups should consider whether they can benefit from offering it as a payment method. Knowing about alternatives can help you build strategies and plan in advance.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are one of the mobile payment types. These wallets store bank card details and enable consumers to securely pay online using their mobile devices. Users don’t need to enter their card information each time they want to make a purchase.

Mobile wallets are becoming more and more widely used. According to the Global Payments Report, they may even surpass the popularity of card payments.


Companies are becoming more flexible when it comes to accepting payments in cryptocurrency. This payment method has various advantages compared to card payments since it’s considered more secure and has lower fees for merchants.

Accepting cryptocurrencies, however, comes with various risks that most businesses find too high. The main disadvantage is volatility, which makes cryptocurrency values highly unpredictable and therefore, untenable for many businesses.

Factors to consider when selecting payment options for startups

When exploring payment options, startups should consider partnering with a payment solution provider that acts as an enabler. kevin. offers a clean-slate payment infrastructure startups can build their business on. Choosing kevin. means choosing a partner that can help boost your business and will never hold you back.


Rapid growth means companies can outgrow the tools and systems that initially served them well. Changing providers and updating systems requires extra funds and effort, which most startups don’t have to spare.

Choosing a payment option that can scale with a fast-growing business is the best solution for startups. Payment options that are accepted across different countries and payment partners that understand the pains of scaling should be at the top of the priority list.


The top three most popular payment methods worldwide are digital wallets, bank cards, and direct bank transfers. Supporting these payment options will allow your startup to offer most clients their preferred payment option.

Lack of the desired payment methods is among the main reasons consumers abandon their carts. Don’t get left behind by not offering what consumers want.


A complicated checkout process is also among the top reasons shoppers abandon their carts. Offering a convenient payment method that doesn’t require unnecessary steps can increase conversion rates.

Account-to-account (A2A) payments are one of the most convenient ways to pay. There’s no need to enter any card details or excessive information. All a shopper has to do is log in to their bank account and confirm the payment.

kevin. offers consumers to pay in a single click with a bank account linking feature. This makes shopping with clients’ favourite merchants even more simple and convenient. Clients can link their bank account to your app and securely pay for their shopping in a single click.


Secure payment options are essential for startups. A suspicious checkout can easily turn shoppers away. This is especially relevant for new companies that are still building their credibility because clients may be less likely to trust new companies.

Offering payments that aren’t secure can irreversibly damage a company’s reputation and even mean that the business has to close. But this can be easily avoided by choosing a reliable payment option with low fraud risk.


The cost of accepting transactions is very important for new and growing businesses. Accepting some payment methods can cost a significant amount of the transaction, which means that companies will have to raise their prices or work with less profit.

Choosing a payment option for a fair price can help companies save on transaction costs and use that money where it’s needed most. For example, accepting card payments involves a number of different fees, but they can be eliminated by choosing A2A payments.


Choosing the right payment options for startup companies requires careful research and consideration. A well-chosen solution can help drive your business forward, while a wrong choice can cost your business its reputation or even lead to liquidation.

Some of the most popular payment methods for startups are account-to-account payments, bank cards, mobile payments, and cryptocurrencies. But each of these payment options has pros and cons that should be carefully considered.

When choosing a payment method for a startup, companies should also consider various factors. These include the popularity of different payment options, their convenience for customers, and security. Cost and scalability are additionally important and can determine business performance in the long term.

A2A payments are among the best payment options for startups. Direct bank transfers mean that no unnecessary intermediaries are required for payment processing. This reduces payment acceptance costs and eliminates the risk of card fraud.

kevin. offers a secure, scalable, and convenient A2A payment solution for accepting direct bank transfers online and in mobile applications. This solution can help startups get to the next level while eliminating the hassle that choosing the best payment method can bring. kevin. offers a payment infrastructure startups can successfully build their business on.

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