Unibrokker benefits from kevin.’s stable payment infrastructure

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Unibrokker success story with kevin.

Unibrokker is one of the leading insurance service providers in Latvia. Founded in 2003, the company offers decades of experience negotiating the best insurance deals for their clients while closely working with their partners.

Unibrokker runs the insurance website ManaPolise.lv, which offers personalized insurance deals for cars, real estate, travel, and health. Clients can quickly and conveniently get the best insurance deals, compare, and purchase plans on the website. The site enables clients to get insurance offers from multiple providers, check the terms and conditions, and choose the most suitable deal.

The company works with various insurance providers and serves clients all over Latvia. Being able to leave the payment services to a trusted partner like kevin. enables Unibrokker to focus on negotiating the best insurance deals for their clients.

Higher conversions and more payment options

kevin. provides Unibrokker with an all-in-one payment solution with a single integration. The company can now offer their clients to conveniently pay with various banks. Unibrokker doesn’t need to worry about API connections, payment compliance, or high payment costs. kevin. takes care of all payment-related services.

Maksims Mjatiškins, CEO of UNIBROKKER/ManaPolise.lv, says that since integrating the kevin. payment infrastructure, the company increased their conversion rates by 3%, and payment processing costs dropped by 90%. In addition, the company now offers more payment options than before.

According to Mr. Mjatiškins, kevin. provided their business with “extremely lower commissions on online payments, a more stable payment infrastructure, and convenient payments for customers.”

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