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Servico provides facility management services to hundreds of residential and commercial buildings in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2022, the company became part of Civinity, one of the largest engineering and facility management groups in the Baltic region. Civinity brings together over 30 companies that maintain 13,5 million square meters of residential and commercial buildings.

Servico offers a wide range of services, including building maintenance, residential and commercial facility management, home repair services, and more. The company works with Lithuania’s largest real estate developers, agencies, and technical consultant groups.

One of Servico’s main values is a green and sustainable environment. The company actively takes part in various sustainable and responsible consumption habits developing projects, is part of the United Nations Global Compact Local Network, and a member of the Sustainable Business Association of Lithuania.

Servico’s challenge

Serving over 400 residential buildings alone, Servico had a challenge offering a convenient payment collection option to their service users. The company didn’t have a payment method where customers could pay Servico directly from their bank accounts, which resulted in delayed payments, longer payment settlement time, and a poorer customer checkout experience.

How did kevin. help Servico?

kevin. offers convenient payment methods that help companies get their money faster. After integrating kevin., Servico was able to offer their clients to pay for the services quicker than ever before, directly from their bank accounts.

According to Svajūnas Masla, CEO of Servico, a significant part of their users choose to pay for Servico services using kevin. direct payment method. Offering this convenient payment method enabled Servico’s consumers to pay for the services quicker. “The best thing is that around half of our issued service bills get paid within one to three days,” says Mr Masla.

A2A payments - a simple and effective solution

Account-to-account payments are convenient for end users and beneficial for companies. Servico already enjoys the benefits of direct account payments by getting quicker payouts while offering their clients a convenient and secure payment method. A significant part of Servico consumer payments is now done without any unnecessary intermediaries, which helps the company save on card transaction costs.

kevin. can help your business accept the payments easily and get the money faster.

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