Punktid uses kevin. and saves 10x on transactions

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Punktid and kevin.

Punktid is a digital gaming store operated by Gamekeys. Opened in 2009, Punktid has grown from a small online store offering PlayStation Network and Xbox cards into the largest online gaming shop in Estonia providing game codes, software licenses and gift cards.

The company pioneered digital goods delivery in Estonia by being the first store to offer products that are completely digital. Over the years, Punktid has accumulated significant experience and grown in many ways.

Today, Punktid operates in multiple countries and is looking to expand. In November 2021, Punktid celebrated acquiring 50,000 clients, and the company continues to grow. With that rapid growth comes new challenges.

Punktid’s challenge

The digital nature of Punktid’s service meant that the company had great opportunities for scaling internationally. Punktid’s goods are in demand regardless of geographical location, and their delivery would not cause any issues since everything is sent digitally. However, international payments were a risk that could hold the company back from scaling across borders.

Accepting international payments also meant more fees for Punktid. Integrating different European banks into their system would require considerable resources and could take months, or even years. The company needed a solution to help them reduce fees for accepting payments and a payment provider that would help them scale across Europe.

How did kevin. help Punktid?

The search for a reliable payment service provider that offers services for a fair price led Punktid to kevin. The company was also looking for a way to quickly scale their business, since international payments were one of the main holdbacks.

kevin. has helped Punktid easily scale their business internationally by automatically integrating banks from different countries. Hannes Niid, CEO at Punktid, says that kevin. has considerably reduced bank transaction fees and made it easy for the company to expand into new markets. kevin. covers banks in most EU and EEA countries, and enables businesses to reach over 300 million customers all across the continent.

Mr Niid says that Punktid has seen ten times lower bank payment fees since they integrated kevin. payment infrastructure in late 2020. Although the integration took longer than anticipated, the company has seen strong support from their account manager at kevin.

Since 2020, kevin. has significantly improved the integration and client onboarding processes. kevin. offers different integration methods and support along the way. Our team is working around the clock to ensure clients can get up and running with kevin.’s payment infrastructure in no time.

Pay fewer fees and scale easily with kevin.

Just like Punktid, your company can save on various bank and card fees by integrating kevin. payment infrastructure. With kevin., your company, regardless of its size, can easily scale across Europe.

kevin. offers a secure and innovative payment environment with features covering the entire checkout flow. This means that you can focus on your business while kevin. takes care of the payments. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll get back to you to discuss how kevin. can boost your business.

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