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kevin. x Mozello

kevin. is on Mozello

We are pleased to announce that kevin. is the newest payment provider on the Mozello platform. kevin. is a unique payment solution available in the EU that combines simplicity, flexibility and accessibility into one service. It's cost-effective and allows all types of merchants to find a package that suits their needs. kevin.'s integration on the Mozello e-shop provides an easy and worry-free way to collect payments while optimising costs.

About Mozello

Mozello is an e-commerce shop building platform that enables an out-of-the-box website solution with their template-driven creation tool. Their tagline is “The easiest way to create a website or online store,” and everything about the shop supports that principle, including the payment provider options available.

Why use kevin. with Mozello?

kevin. prides itself on offering an innovative payment infrastructure at a fair price. It can be integrated into the merchant payment options for as little as €5, with some of the lowest fees per transaction in the market.

It's also easy for a business to integrate kevin. via a plugin. Besides being merchant-friendly, kevin. is frictionless for the end user. Using kevin. provides an effective payment solution for e-shop customers by simplifying their payments. It cuts out unnecessary payment screens and therefore makes the user experience more seamless.

Moreover, kevin. has widespread integration with banks all throughout the EU, and is continually expanding the company reach to serve more merchants and customers.

In short, with the advantages that kevin. presents -- including fair prices, fast integration, a frictionless payment experience for the customers and widespread integration with leading banks in the EU -- make kevin. a win for both merchants and their customers.

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What customers are saying

Daniel Jones of toy shop Kidzblox, says:

“Mozello made it easy for me to create a shop for my products. The easiest part was using kevin. to make payments. It made the whole setup easy, without struggling with credit card payment integration which always gives errors when authenticating customer’s cards. kevin. is also cheaper for me to use for payments.”

A first for e-shop payments

From the integration team’s perspective, Vytautas Gimbutas, CTO at kevin., comments about the integration on the Mozello platform, “This is the first of its kind of integration for e-shop rentals. It'll allow us to make quicker integrations for others, too. And it reduces payment processing fees for 3400 Mozello clients worldwide.” 

Along with the integration on Mozello, the kevin. payment solution is widely available and also integrates easily with other web platforms like WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart and Magento, making online payments possible in a few clicks for a variety of e-commerce websites.

Trying to decide which payment method suits you can be tricky. kevin. makes collecting payments for your e-shop simple, which is a crucial step in setting up your business. Interested? Click here to contact our sales team.

Enjoy the benefits of an innovative payment solution

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