kevin. helps Mobilly expand European consumer base

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Mobilly success story

Mobilly is a mobile payment provider that allows users to conveniently pay for car parks, city bus tickets, train tickets, and other services in Latvia. Mobilly app users can pay for 24 different services via one mobile app in just a few clicks.

The company’s goal is to create a payment system that enables users to make and receive payments via their mobile phones from any place with mobile communications. Their payment system makes it easy for service providers to expand their consumer base and for consumers to pay for many different services via one mobile app.

Mobilly’s challenge

Mobilly serves consumers from Latvia and other countries who come to Latvia and wish to use various local services, such as trains, car parks, post, etc. Many of these users may not have access to Latvian bank accounts or other local payment methods.

For a long time, Mobilly only offered local payment methods, which meant the company could not accommodate users without local bank accounts.

The company needed a payment solution that would allow users to pay for services via their local banks, regardless of where in Europe they come from. However, integrating each European bank into their system would require significant resources and take a long time.

How did kevin. help Mobilly?

kevin. offered Mobilly a payment solution that allows them to accept payments from consumers across Europe quickly. Integrating kevin. payment initiation service meant that Mobilly could accommodate users from most European countries by offering them the option of paying via their local banks.

Jorens Jakāns, the IT project manager at Mobilly, says, “kevin. has allowed our clients to make easy one-time payments from a huge number of banks in lots of different countries.”

Mr Jakāns also says that the company appreciates that kevin. was able to offer payment acceptance for competitive costs, the onboarding process was quick, and they received all the needed support.

“The biggest change after kevin. implementation has been a huge increase of available banks that our clients can use for one-time payments. Before, we had only local banks available,” says Mr Jakāns.

How to become a local provider with European bank coverage?

Scaling across Europe is easy with kevin. payment solutions. Our service covers most European banks in 27 EU and EEA countries. The integration is quick and easy, which saves time and money for companies that wish to start accepting European payments as soon as possible.

Our solutions can be integrated into both mobile applications and websites, which means that you don’t have to get different payment service providers for your mobile and online businesses.

If you’d like to offer your consumers the option of paying via their local banks, get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure to find the best solution for your case.

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