Kotryna Group enjoys conversion growth after integrating kevin.

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Kotryna x kevin.

Kotryna Group is the largest children goods retailer in the Baltics operating both online and offline. First opened in 1992 as a shop for children’s supplies, Kotryna Group has evolved into one of the most prominent names in children’s goods distribution, retail, and e-commerce.

Kotryna Group owns kids’ e-commerce and retail stores in the Baltics and Finland, managing BabyCity/ToyCity, Toys Planet, JUKU, KidZone. These e-commerce shops serve millions of visitors across Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

The company's mission is to supply the best child care, education, and development items. Kotryna Group values innovation and a modern approach. This way of thinking led the company to become an expert in various kids product categories both online and offline.

Kotryna Group’s challenge

Serving millions of e-shop visitors, Kotryna Group required a cost-effective payment solution. Ideally, the solution they were looking for should also help the company serve e-commerce clients with different payment preferences.

Kotryna Group wanted to offer their clients convenient payment options across their e-commerce shops in different countries. Integrating a different payment solution for every market wasn’t efficient.

The company was also looking for a payment initiation service provider with fair prices for accepting payments. Kotryna Group e-shops process large amounts of transactions every day, so a cost-effective solution was one of their main priorities.

How did kevin. help Kotryna Group?

kevin. offers a payment gateway covering the largest banks in 27 EU and EEA countries. This solution is an excellent choice for international companies that seek to provide convenient payment methods to their customers without spending too much on accepting payments.

Kotryna Group integrated kevin. into their online shops across the Baltics and Finland. According to Laimonas Bazilius, CEO at Kotryna Group, kevin. helped them “expand payment options in the Finnish market, and save costs in the Baltics.”

Mr Bazilius says that Kotryna Group has seen “conversion rate growth due to 13% decreased abandoned carts after introducing more reliable payment methods in the Finnish market.”

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Studies show that a complicated checkout process and a lack of payment methods account for 25% of cart abandonment cases. These issues can be easily solved by partnering with a reliable payment initiation service provider.

kevin. can help e-commerce businesses add payment options that meet consumers’ expectations and, at the same time, help companies save on transaction costs. With kevin., businesses benefit from increased conversion rates, and consumers can enjoy a seamless payment experience.

If your business is looking for a fair-priced payment gateway, get in touch with us, and we’ll provide a solution tailored for your business.

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