kevin. helps ESTO increase customer base by 250%

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esto success story

ESTO is an international company that provides various financial services to its customers. Founded in 2016, the Estonian company now offers innovative payment solutions in the Baltics and features a network of over 1000 partners and more than 120 000 consumers.

The company helps merchants to sell and clients to buy - in an easy and convenient way. Merchants can integrate the ESTO technological checkout solution to their offline or online shop and allow their customers to buy now and pay later. ESTO innovative financial products like ESTO Slice, ESTO Hire-Purchase and ESTO Pay Later enable shoppers to get the purchased product now and pay for it later in several instalments and under certain conditions - with no fees or interest. With another popular ESTO product, ESTO account, shoppers can quickly transfer money to their personal bank account, shop at their favourite brands and pay back later in set instalments. ESTO allows shoppers to control their spending, as they can set their own repayment schedules.

Merchants that use ESTO quickly grow their client base and average cart volume. Shoppers can allow themselves to spend more since they don’t have to pay the entire cost at once. ESTO helps merchants increase traffic, turnover and reorder rates.

ESTO’s challenge

ESTO works with hundreds of merchants and over 120 000 clients. The company processes around 1.2 million monthly transactions. Therefore, quick and affordable money transfers are at the top of their priority list.

Traditionally, each bank transaction includes different fees while travelling from the shopper’s to the merchant’s account. For a fast-growing company that offers more affordable payment services, paying various fees for the money to travel from one account to another was just not good enough.

ESTO was looking for a cost-effective payment infrastructure that would help reduce bank transaction fees and help the money travel faster.

How did kevin. help ESTO?

kevin. has been providing ESTO with white-label web payment solutions since early 2021. With kevin., ESTO can ensure direct money transfers for no extra cost to their clients. kevin. also helped ESTO connect to different banks without any hassle.

ESTO’s Estonia Country Manager, Martin Ustaal, says that thanks to kevin., “We can now offer Baltic banks and Finnish banks to our customers to pay, without any cost.”

Along with direct and fast payments, ESTO also found that kevin. was very easy to integrate. What ESTO enjoys most about the partnership is that kevin. offers lower costs than those of competitors. kevin.’s pricing is straightforward and without any hidden fees, so companies always know how much they spend on the payments.

Due to kevin.’s low payment costs, ESTO was able to make an attractive offer to the merchants. Since integrating kevin., ESTO has seen significant growth in merchants, end clients and successful orders. The network of stores that work with ESTO has grown by 50%, and they’ve seen an impressive end-client growth of 250%.

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