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of payments

Grow your business with innovative payment infrastructure while unlocking the world of open banking.

Reduce the space in between

kevin. payment flow


Allows significant savings on transaction fees

Provides seamless payment flow

Accepts and collects payments immediately

Offers innovative payment infrastructure

Next-generation infrastructure for web, mobile & in-store payments



Launches 2022

Point of sale

Boost your

Significantly reduced fees

kevin. account-to-account payments enable businesses to bypass expensive card schemes. As a result of having significantly less payment processing costs, merchants keep more of their profits, giving them a competitive edge.

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take care
of you

One solution for online and POS payments

kevin. provides an innovative payment solution that covers all types of online and offline business: one contract, one subscription, no additional headaches.

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in no time

Integration made easy

Use kevin. plug-in to collect online payments without any hassle. Integrate with the most popular e-commerce platforms in seconds and start accepting payments faster and at a lower price.

250+ million customer reach


Enhance the local feel by introducing local banks' payment options and account-to-account payments without additional card fees.


Expand your business with a payment infrastructure that enables you to sell globally.

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